Center Console Boats

Versatility, style, and value are just a few the defining ideas behind our family-friendly center console boats. With models ranging from 22′ to 26′, the LX series is more than capable of shallow coastal runs but also adds hard-core offshore fishing to your fun-time playbook. Don’t settle for less, point the bow towards the horizon, gear up the throttle, and smile with family and friends aboard your new Sea Born LX center console.

New Family-Friendly Center Consoles From 22′ to 26′ Feet



Length: 26′ 6″ | Beam: 116″ | Max Horse Power: 500 | Draft: 20″ | *Fuel Capacity: 135 gal.

24 Foot Center Console - Sea Born LX24


Length: 23′ 9″ | Beam: 102″ | Max Horse Power: 300 | Draft: 14″ | *Fuel Capacity: 107 gal.

22 Foot Center Console - Sea Born LX22


Length: 22′ 5″ | Beam: 102″ | Max Horse Power: 250 | Draft: 14″ | *Fuel Capacity: 91 gal.

25+ Years of Boat Building Experience

From our humble beginnings building simple skiffs with tiller engines, we’ve consistently grown year over year during our history. We’ve learned. We’ve listened. We’ve built with pride. Today, our product lines include bay, center console, flats, and offshore vessels ranging from 16′ to 28′ ft that serve as the center of our customers’ lives on the water. Accept no substitute; experience Sea Born.