What is a casting deck?

What is a Casting Deck? Once you’ve got your boat in the water, you’ll no doubt want a place to cast a line or two. A casting deck forward, aft or both, is a flat surface (non-skid [...]

What is a Stepped Hull?

What is a Stepped Hull? In a few words a stepped hull means improved performance. Why? The short answer, a stepped hull reduces wet surfaces and lowers drag. The benefits of less drag equals more [...]

What is a leaning post?

What is a Leaning Post? As the name implies a leaning post is an up-right structure found behind the helm of a boat. The captain typically operates the boat from the leaning post and though they [...]

What Are Trim Tabs?

What Are Trim Tabs? You’re backing off the throttle and when you do, the rear of your boat lowers. Now sluggish she’s squatted with bow lift and fuel burn is far from efficient. Not good right? A [...]

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