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Choosing the Best Bay Boat for the Money

In an impromptu office debate, a bit of border skirmish erupted (paper clips were thrown) trying to answer a simple question, “When purchasing a bay boat, what’s are most important features or considerations?” The assumptions on this side were about what you might expect, “price is the most important” says the sales folks. Next, marketing chimes in with, “style and presentation” and “performance and fuel economy” from our engineers. Aside from a game of rock, paper, scissors or arm wrestling, we did what anyone in modern society might do to settle it. We went to social media and asked the masses.

We Were Wrong – Well Sort Of

The unfortunate part about the responses we received, we were all wrong. Well technically, there was one comment regarding speed so we do have to score a single point for engineering (ugh, we will never live that one down). Pride and assumptions aside, here are a few of our favorites responses as to what makes up the best bay boat for the money:

  • Layout / does it fit my needs / quality
  • Layout and quality of the manufacturing and components
  • Does the boat fit my needs/purpose and how well does it fit
  • Safety and Craftsmanship
  • How fast can I get to the islands

Our poll and the answers though far from scientific, pointed out a theme that a boat’s layout and purpose are big factors amongst boat buyers. Seeking redemption and a loud “we already knew that” says our marketing folks. (*Smile) We wanted to invite you to check out our previous articles, “The Best Boat for Your Needs” and “Best Bay Boats – Top 5 Must Haves” which break down the topic of layout, form, and function in great detail.

Oh and for the record, our production manager made us add to this post that had he or his staff been included in our debate, they would have certain stated “quality” as a primary buying consideration. (*Wink)

What about you? What do you feel are the most important features or considerations when purchasing a boat? We welcome your comments below or on social media.