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What is a Leaning Post?

As the name implies a leaning post is an up-right structure found behind the helm of a boat. The captain typically operates the boat from the leaning post and though they are common in purpose, designs vary wildly.  A few more-common features of a modern leaning post include rod holders (also called, “Rocket Launchers”), fold-down footrests, as well as, flipping hinges that transition between standing or seated positions.

Sea Born’s “bolster” style two-position leaning post

Why Do You Need It?

The big deal with a leaning post is that it allows a boat captain to stand and steer with a full view of what’s ahead. Likewise, all of the boat’s gauges,  multi-function displays, and other info on the console are easily accessible while underway. Could you use captain’s chairs instead? Certainly – it’s really all about personal preference and how you’ll use your boat.

“Texas Racing” boat seats