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Boat Buying: Advantages of An Upper Station

Your hands are clammy. You’re having trouble focusing. You’ve been infected, the good news it’s not the flu. Thankfully, your diagnosis is common, it’s a sure case of fishing fever. Need proof? Okay, it’s Monday morning at 9:35 am but instead of putting your full attention into those TPS reports (yeah, like Office Space), you’re mission planning to hit the water before dawn this coming Saturday.

It’s okay, we totally get how the thought of the early jump on schooling crevalle or tailing redfish can make you a bit feverish. But aside from just getting more time on the blue as a fix, it might be fair to ask how do you increase your overall fishing addiction? One answer: climb

Sight Fishing From An Upper Station

Although you don’t need to be 20-feet over the water to catch fish, it can certainly help. Similar to a hunter’s stand, the elevation not only makes it easier to spot the action below, but it can also help to identify fish species. The reason this is so important, once you know what’s swimming around your boat, you gain a second advantage of being able to target those fish with the baits and lures they are programmed to eat. Stealth Mode: On. One other huge benefit to the ole crow’s nest, you and your crew can often see the fish in your proximity before they spot you.

Level-Up Your Boat

To plus up your fishing game, Sea Born offers the XE trim package on our highly-sought-after LX24 Center Console and the uber-versatile FX25 Bay. Our upper station’s unique sit-or-stand operation makes piloting not only fun and exciting but comfortable. We also included multiple easy-access rod holders, 7″ multi-function display, full helm controls, and more. When not in use, the hard top’s sliding access hatch serves as a moon roof for your nighttime runs. Say this out loud, “Sweeeeeeet”.

Upper Station Advantages & Disadvantages
As you consider if an upper station is best for your center console or bay boat, here are a few quick advantages and disadvantages.


  • Improved Visibility / Sight Fishing
  • Additional / Upper Rod Storage
  • Increased Resale Value
  • Cool Factor


  • Increased Cost
  • Bridge Clearance
  • More Wind Drag