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Bay Boats: Most Requested Features

Are you shopping for a Bay Boat? Curious as to what other buyers demanded in their purchases? Take a look at the most popular feature requests from Sea Born’s bay boat buyers.

Laid Back with Lots of Cushioned Seating

Most of us have come to realize that the family boat is just that, a source of household recreation. If your plans for use include fishing or lengthy cruises on the water, we suggest you follow the demands of other Sea Born owners and opt for plenty of comfortable seating. Outside of bad weather, nothing will end your day faster than grumbling from the children or the spouse.

Put that Engine Back…Way Back, No Farther.

Old style euro transoms are a thing of the past. Today, the best bay boats are packed with a few must haves which includes more floor space which is why the engine should be set back away from business areas to open up the layout. Not only does this provide considerably more access to the water, it makes even smaller boats feel larger as there’s more useable space. Our buyers routinely commented that our “smart use of space” was one of the primary reasons they chose a Sea Born.

Large Storage Boxes and Wells

Just like within your home, storage comes at a premium. It’s a finite resource. Meaning, you’ll never hear someone say, “We just have too many closets.” The same is entirely truthful of bay boats. When given the choice, our buyers almost always opted for more storage. They used it for rods, snacks, fish, baits, gear, or whatever. Our takeaway, don’t skimp on this area, you won’t be happy if you do.

A Little Shade with a T-Top

Aside from just looking cool, a T-Top will give your bay boat a little shade while out on the water. Do you really need it? No, but the ability to take just a few minutes away from direct sunlight during longer runs is quite a refresher. In addition to that, Sea Born buyers said their T-Top provided additional overhead storage for gear or radio equipment as well as more rod storage. Another often overlooked benefit of a T-Top, it becomes a very handy grab rail while underway.

Believe it or Not, Cup Holders

Engineers hate them and the rest of us want them everywhere. Being able to secure and store gear is one thing, but quick access to hydration ranked at the top of the charts in 2014. Take a lesson learned from the flock, be sure your bay boat has plenty of self-draining cup holders for you and your passengers.

Time to Go

As an honorable mention, we did see a large increase in buyers requesting on-board heads. Referring back to a previous point, if you plan on longer intervals on the water, you’ll thank yourself for the addition of facilities to handle those calls from nature.