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Center Consoles Under 26′ Feet

So you’ve decided it’s time to take the plunge and buy a center console as your family’s new boat. Awesome. Given that we understand the allure of a CC your choice is understandable. What’s not to love, there’s more versatility than a fish-only vessel, but when you want to go big,  most center consoles are more than capable of running safely offshore. As if this wasn’t enough, next add in countless family-friendly features with efficient hull designs and your wish-list has a check mark in almost every box. But all that said, one other benefit that is perhaps often overlooked and that’s the realistic need to store your boat.

A wise one said, “the only source for knowledge experiences”, well many first-time boat buyers just don’t get fully understand the concept of easy boat storage until they’ve been miserable for a season or two. The fact is, the “smaller” center console boats of the Sea Born LX Series offer a sign of relief on the topic of boat storage. Mainly, they can remain on their trailers when not in use or put under a shelter or inside a larger garage. Does this mean you can’t put your LX boat on a lift or in the boathouse? Certainly not, but for those that want to hitch and go, drop and forget, the LX21, LX22, and LX24 center consoles are certainly more convenient to stow than other boats over the 24-foot threshold.

Outside of storage, our smaller-footage center consoles almost all include:

– Family-Friendly Forward Seating

– Aft Bench-Style Seating

– Two-Position Seat & Leaning Post Combo (also called, “Bolster Style”)

– Multi-Function Display

– In-Console Head

– Anchor Locker

– Rod Holders

– Multiple Cup Holders

– Multiple Wells

Storing Outside: Don’t Forget A Boat Cover

According to the NMMA, “95 percent of all boats in the US are smaller boats and trailered.” Based on that stat, it’s probably a safe guess that a large percentage of those boats are stored outside and need a properly fitted cover. If you’re on the fence about this, just keep in mind that one day you may want to sell your boat and a cover will help you improve resale value. Secondly, NO ONE likes clearing leaves or debris from their boat before they can enjoy their time on the water.

Want to Go Bigger? No Problem

If you’ve determined to own a larger center console, keep an eye out for our next model, the all-new LX26 due out in later this year. Like all the boat in the LX Series, our 26-footer will include dozens of fishing and family affections to include a stepped hull, standard hardtop, along with technology upgrades like the all-new Sea Born IDS control system which includes, NaviOP digital switching, glass console and digi-twin engines.