Sea Born Announces New Flexible Fishing & Family Options For Its Bay Boats

(Blackshear, Georgia) Composite Research, Inc. (CRI) announces new flexible, function-based options for their line of bay boats. According to the company, the FX22 Bay, is the first of three models within Sea Born’s line up to offer multiple deck plan choices. The decision to expand the product line is credited to a recent increase in interest and demand for more fishing capable vessels.

Since the initial release, the FX22 has always been our top selling bay boat. People love the boat, but what we found very interesting is that over the past year, there’s been a sharp uptick for a more fishing-focused version. Given the superior ride of the boat, we knew there was no need to build a new hull, we just had to tweak the function and flow a bit.” States Wally Bell the president of CRI.

In consideration of the new demand, CRI reports that it had completed construction on its new tournament-class topside targeting sport anglers and guide services. For the would-be buyer, the advantage is considerable as they can easily select a configuration that best suits their priorities for fishing or family.

The new tournament option is an exciting addition for the FX22 as well as our entire bay boat lineup. “Sea Born buyers will be able to make a conscious choice to pull back from a more family-based feature set for more fishing abilities and vice versus.” Bell Continues.

Viewing the FX22 from the side, one might assume it to be unchanged, but on a close inspection, the new offering reverses the boat’s normal aft setup completely. Immediately visible, Sea Born has supplanted the port and starboard, folding seats with two, large, thirty-two-gallon recirculating wells built to replenish oxygen and to keep baits or prize-winning fish alive. Also of note, the aft seating though a bit smaller than the standard offering is now centered with space for two passengers and systems access below. Unchanged, the forward of the boat with either the standard or tournament option offers a massive casting deck alone with a console-forward, seat, and well combination.

When asked if the new changes would eliminate families from enjoying the FX22 or other models in the future, the company responded with a decisive: NO!. On the contrary, CRI states that Sea Born owners can now easily set their own priority by electing a family-first or fishing-first boat build without unlivable sacrifices.

Priced from $43,742 with a Suzuki DF150TXWS and sport trim package, the new tournament deck, adds a modest $850 difference from models with the standard deck plan. For more information on the Sea Born FX22 Bay or any of Sea Born’s vessel, the company suggests visiting their website found at

About Composite Research:
Sea Born, one of the fastest-growing saltwater fiberglass brands in the marine industry, builds center consoles, bay boats, and offshore vessels ranging from twenty-one to twenty-eight feet in length. Located in Blackshear, Georgia, with a staff complement of seventy-five plus employees, the company is a privately owned, twenty-seven-year-old builder with models being exclusively distributed through a network of marine dealers spanning the southeast, northeast, Gulf States and Texas.