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A Family Thing – Brent Okuley’s Sea Born FX25 Bay

Bradenton, Florida

As a boy, Brent Okuley took his first boat ride with his grandfather on Beaver Lake in Fayetteville, Arkansas. His memory of that outing and the boat’s speed set the stage for a lifelong desire to fish, dive, and play on the water. Now a husband, father, and tour manager in the music industry, the urge for the pelagic is as still as strong as ever. But before Brent and his family can explore the waters near Bradenton, Florida, they needed the right boat for the job.

Understanding that the Okuley’s wish list was extensive, they began the boating search. “We’d scoured the boat market for the right one for us. And while many had some features we wanted, they all had other areas where we would’ve been compromising. And then, we stumbled onto the Sea Born FX25.” Says Brent.

When asked why the FX25 Bay was the perfect fit when compared with other boats, the sentiment was that the boat is far from a one-trick pony being deep water capable, yet skinny water nimble. Features aside, Brent and family also enjoy their boat’s smooth ride and stability.

Brent Okuley’s Thoughts On His FX25 Bay:

It’s clear that a lot of time and energy went into its design. But all of that doesn’t count for anything without a great ride. This hull slices through the water. And the stability when on anchor is outstanding. In my opinion, it’s the perfect balance in degree of deadrise to accomplish this.

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