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What Are Trim Tabs?

You’re backing off the throttle and when you do, the rear of your boat lowers. Now sluggish she’s squatted with bow lift and fuel burn is far from efficient. Not good right? A common solution to this and a few other boating issues comes in the form of trim tabs.

Just like flaps on an airplane, trim tabs create the aquatic version of lift and push the front of your boat downward. The benefit of proper bow height is considerable, there’s less drag which gets you on plane faster but also with improved engine performance. Additionally, when properly trimmed there’s less pounding which means everyone’s ride is more comfortable and enjoyable.

The Advantages of Trim Tabs:

– Increase Speed & Performance
– Reduce Pounding and Eliminate Porpoising
– Improve Fuel Economies
– Reduce Wake
– Lower Stresses on Your Hull