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What is a Performance Bulletin?

Have you ever wondered how far or fast a boat might travel? What about how much fuel it will use? The answer to those questions are found within a performance bulletin from your favorite engine and boat manufacturer. Aside from speeds and best mpg, a performance bulletins also typically show, time to plane and the propeller(s) used, number of passengers, weight and other stats. All of the info combined is intended to educate buyers as to which boat and engine best suites their needs.

Pro Tip:

When considering a specific Sea Born model, be sure to understand how you’ll use the boat on a normal basis. For example, if you’re planning on taking the maximum weight and passenger load routinely, you’ll want to explore the best engine options and compare that against top speed and fuel consumption. Likewise, if you’re planning solo outings or just you and a friend or two, you may be able to save on the initial costs by opting for a smaller engine.