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What is a Transducer on a Boat?

In the world of fish boats a transducer is without question the center-piece of all things happening underwater.  The device sends pulses downward into the water that are then converted to sound. The sound pulse “reflects” and travels back to the boat and is then translated into usable data such as depth, structure, etc. That data is “translated” or “read” then nicely formatted to show on a multi-function display (IE. Simrad) or simple fish finder.

Sea Born uses a common style thru-hull transducer which as the name implies is literally positioned through the hull of the boat. The benefit to this type of transducer is that it typically provides more consistent and accurate readings over a transom mount.

Example of a thru hull transducer

Why Do I Need a Transducer on My Boat?

If you’re fishing and have the desire to see water depths, structure, or movement under your boat, a transducer is a must-have feature.