What is Beam?

In this post were talking about nautical beam. In simple terms, when measuring a ship at the widest point on the waterline that is known as, “Waterline Beam” whereas above, “Beam” is simply the part of the vessel.

As for why the width of a vessel is so important, keep in mind that the greater the width specifically at the waterline (in most cases) the more stable the vessel. For example a canoe has a relatively limited width which makes it easy to capsize. Putting that understanding into practice, imagine how difficult it would be to capsize a large cargo ship. The reason for this is the cargo ship’s width and flatter bottom make it incredibly stable in the water.
What is beam?

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Don’t fret, nautical terms like beam, freeboard, or draft shouldn’t be ignored as they will ultimately contribute to how you can use your new boat and ultimately your overall satisfaction. If you having difficulty determining the best boat for your needs, give us a call at 912-449-0033, we’ll be glad to help.