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What’s the Best Center Console Boat?

Understanding the superlative, “best” is HIGHLY subjective, we’ll start from the onset by saying we’re clearly biased. We love our boats. Understanding that we’d like the opportunity to tell you why we feel all of the boats within the Sea Born LX Series can easily be considered the top-rated center console boats:

Awesome Ride

One thing that we never get tired of hearing is that we build the best riding center consoles on the market. We agree. All LX boats are smooth, comfortable, with a stable ride that keeps you and your family safe and dry. “The LX24 is absolutely the best riding boat I’ve ever owned and I’ve had many in my lifetime” says C. Miller from Florida. But please, read our center console reviews and watch a few walk-throughs videos to judge for yourself. Need more proof? Visit a local Sea Born dealer for a hands-on demonstration.

Luxurious Style & Appeal

Starting on the inside, our center consoles are designed with plush and comfortable forward lounge seating and aft chill spaces allowing family and friends to truly enjoy their time on the water. Taking it a bit further, there’s no shortage of cup holders, charging ports, and ample storage included for both fishing and personal gear making each outing an opportunity for new memories. From the dock, the head-turning appeal of our large “Carolina flare” extends from just above the water to the bow. Adding to that, our center console boats will get plenty of attention both on the water and at the boat ramp; so as an owner, be ready to talk to others about your Sea Born. It’s going to happen.

Familiar Car-Like Packaging

Putting it plainly, we offer more. Unlike other builders who promote fantasy-like, “internet” low-end pricing, and then deliver short on must-have features, our trim-level options packages are designed so that you can easily understand EXACTLY what you’re getting. It’s simple: pick a boat, add a trim package based on your needs and wants similar to a car purchase. Want the top of the line? No worries, upgrade to the LE (Luxury Edition) or XE (Extreme Edition). For the more budget-conscious buyer, build your boat with a Sport package. Regardless of your choice, you’ll get more center console for your money on a side-by-side comparison of our competitors.

Best Price

One of our dealers referred to our center consoles as “overbuilt, not overpriced”. Now to justify that statement, it’s understood here at the factory that we tirelessly work to pack in as much value as possible with every model we build. From family-friendly features to angler must-haves, we believe that we should make a profit on our boats, but our pricing should be fair and reasonable. Towards that end, we don’t play “Internet Pricing” games. Our Nationally Advertised Price (NAP) is the same across the board. If not, please tell us about it.